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Worcester jury acquits Fairfax sheriff's deputy of rape, assault
By Brian Shane - Staff Writer - July 25, 2008 Daily Times

Pennsylvania Child Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

If you have been falsely accused of committing a child sex crime, you know that the deck seems stacked against you. There are many who will believe the lies. Your relationships with friends and family members may never be the same. If you are convicted, your debt to society may never be paid. Even after serving a long prison sentence, many convicted of child sex crimes must register with their state sex offender registry for the rest of their lives.

Tom's Passion and Mission: Aggressively Defending the Falsely Accused in Pennsylvania

The risks are too great to take these charges lightly. For the best chance of a successful outcome in child sex abuse cases, you should retain an attorney with both a national reputation for excellence and effectiveness, and a success rate in trying child sex crimes cases in Pennsylvania. Contact The Law Office of Thomas A. Pavlinic today.

A Winning Reputation

A nationally-respected authority in child sex abuse defense, Thomas A. Pavlinic, Esquire has devoted the past 15 years of his professional life exclusively to the representation of people who have been falsely accused of child sex crimes.

Tom knows how to investigate a case, analyze the evidence and develop a winning strategy for success. He will point out the flaws in the prosecution's case, and weakness of their experts' testimony.

Don't trust your case to just any lawyer. Hire an attorney who understands false claims of child sex abuse knows how to win these cases. Contact The Law Office of Thomas A. Pavlinic. The initial consultation is always free of charge.

Located in Annapolis, Maryland, Tom Pavlinic represents people falsely accused of child sexual abuse in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation.